The “Split Collection” action in PowerTools for Nintex Workflow Cloud allows workflow designers to split the items in an existing collection or array object by value or index. 

For example, an array of strings such as “keys”, “wallet”, “phone”, “hat”, “umbrella” split on the “phone” value would return two arrays, one with “keys”, “wallet” and another with “phone”, “hat”, “umbrella”. The match value is explicit (it must be an exact match to an item in the array, including spaces and punctuation) but is case-insensitive. If there are multiple instances of the match value in the target array of items, the split operation will only be performed on the first item that satisfies the match criteria. The result will always contain two arrays but either may be empty depending on the results of the match comparison. All array items are converted to strings before matching is performed.

As opposed to a string literal match value, the item index location in the array may be used instead. Bear in mind that index values are zero based, so an item in the first position of the array will have an index value of zero. Like string matching, index matching is exclusive – the second array in the return set will contain the target index item, the first will contain only those items occurring before the specified index in the target array. 

Note that the Index parameter overrides the Match parameter; if both are specified, Index will be used.

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