The “Validate Email” action in PowerTools for Nintex workflow and forms verifies that an email address meets certain basic requirements in order to increase the chances that it can be successfully delivered. 

Email address verification is actually quite complicated. There are a number of formatting rules for email addresses based on a variety of sometimes conflicting specifications and each email system (both sender and receiver) can apply their own rules for what is – and is not – acceptable. There is no way to achieve 100% certainty that an email is deliverable without actually sending it and hoping for the best; however, by applying commonly accepted formatting rules, it is possible to increase the likelihood that a given address is deliverable. 

The PowerTools “Validate Email” action parses the provided input string (email address) and applies a wide range of tests against the recipient name and domain portions of the address to determine validity, including illegal characters, invalid whitespace, incorrect structure, improper top and sub-level domains, syntax errors and more. It returns a “true” value if all of the tests pass and a “false” value if any of the tests fail. Delivery is still not guaranteed even with a “true” result (some systems may reject even valid email addresses) but the odds increase significantly over an invalidated address.

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