The “Redact String” action in PowerTools for Salesforce Visual Flow and Process Builder replaces sensitive content in any string with a series of asterisks. 

For example, in the string “Project Bluebird is on schedule” the word ‘Bluebird’ could be specified in the ‘value’ parameter, resulting in a return value of “Project ******** is on schedule”. In a longer string of text, all instances of ‘Bluebird’ would similarly be redacted.

Alternatively, the “values” parameter allows for a collection of strings to be submitted for redaction. The entire text will be searched for a match to any of the collection entries, with each instance being replaced by asterisks. Note that all string matches are literal, so ‘Bluebird’ and ‘bluebird’ would both need to be included to match upper and lower case instances.

Advanced users have the ability to go beyond literal matches by providing a regular expression to the redaction engine in the ‘regex’ parameter. For instance. in the string “blue, yellow, green, red and orange” the following regular expression would match all words with four letters: ^[a-zA-Z]{4}$ (^ indicates the beginning of the subject, [] are inclusive for any character within, A-Z is uppercase, a-z is lowercase, and $ asserts the end of the subject). Note that all expressions should be compliant with Microsoft .NET syntax rules (refer to the following for more information: 


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