Process Automation For Everyone

With PowerTools, it's now easier than ever to build process-automating flows, apps and forms in platforms like Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce, Zapier, IBM and Nintex.

From a single plugin install, you can access over 100 pre-built functions that help you build the solutions you need without any coding or complex configuration.

No matter your level of experience, it is simple to create flows and apps that convert files into different formats, perform advanced calculations, translate documents into different languages, convert currencies - and much, much more - with simple drag and drop tools.

Process Automation For Everyone

The power of process automation, in the hands of the everyday user.

Feeling frustrated by the limitations of your “low code” business automation platform?

Have you tried creating your own workflows and apps in the past but feel like you need expert knowledge in code to make anything work as it should?

You want to feel empowered to create automated process solutions yourself – not to rely on your IT team or invest in a custom-developed solution every time you have an idea.

Welcome to PowerTools

The complete workflow utility plugin.

With just a single install, you can access and deploy over 90 pre-built functions that can help you build valuable, time-saving workflows and apps without requiring any custom code – simply drag and drop components into place from a function menu.

PowerTools closes the gap left behind by many business automation platforms – it puts the power of workflow and app creation in the hands of the everyday user. No specialist developer skills or experience is needed.

Example: Creating a currency conversion workflow

The example below shows a currency conversion flow created to convert US dollars to Canadian dollars in Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps using the PowerTools Connector for Power Platform.

The PowerTools currency conversion function is dragged and dropped from a menu in your platform interface and then configured for the output data needed.

Once the actions are in place, simply input a value amount into the flow (Power Automate) or app (Power Apps) and click ‘Convert’.

There are multiple options for the resulting conversion. It can be instantly displayed inside your platform, directly emailed to you (or someone else), stored in a variable for later use or included as an input for another action.

The same essential, drag and drop component, method is followed for utilising all PowerTools data functions – from transforming text into different languages, receiving real-time stock quotes, converting dates and times, retrieving weather forecasts, generating live maps, manipulating images, performing advanced scientific calculations, converting text to speech, and much, much more.

PowerTools is available for multiple business automation platforms, including Salesforce, Nintex, IBM BPM, and more, plus custom applications created in C#, Java, Swift, Ruby, Node JS, and other modern development stacks.

The following examples show the same currency conversion workflow in Salesforce Visual Flow and Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Sign up - it's free!

Sign up - it's free!

Start with our Community Edition - its free! Sign up to receive a license (API) key compatible with your company's business automation platform.

Add a connector

Add a connector

Add the Apptigent PowerTools connector from your platform's app or extension gallery. Create a new connection using your unique license key.

Create a workflow

Create a workflow

Choose the actions you want from PowerTool's extensive library, set up the inputs and outputs, and then publish your app, form or workflow.

Discover the fastest, most effective way to achieve maximum ROI from your low code, no code automation tools.


You recognize that process automation can help your organization become more proactive, nimble, and efficient, so you invested in a process automation platform.

Now what?

Let our process automation experts help you craft a strategic vision for implementing automation solutions across the entire enterprise using the tools you already own. We’ll craft a custom implementation plan, identify the critical processes that can deliver the most immediate bottom-line value, and leverage our extensive library of solutions across multiple platforms to rapidly accelerate time-to-delivery for your critical automation targets.

PowerSpark is fast, focused, and effective. It’s also affordable, with no surprises or hidden costs. We help you make the most of your existing automation investments with essential plugins, extensions, templates, and pre-built solutions for multiple platforms, including Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce, Zapier, IBM BPM and more. You will receive a customized automation plan along with expert coaching and guidance designed to ensure your long-term success.

Maximum results. Minimal effort. Exactly what you’ve been looking for! 

Turn process automation into a competitive advantage with PowerSpark from Apptigent.

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