Elevate Your Business with the Apptigent Partner Program

Transform client success - together.

Apptigent invites Salesforce, Microsoft, Nintex, SAP, Oracle, IBM, and other enterprise SaaS Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to elevate their business offerings through a strategic partnership. By integrating our premier integration & automation solutions—CloudTools, PowerTools, and PowerSpark—into your portfolio, you gain the capability to offer customized, high-impact automation solutions that are essential for any forward-thinking enterprise.

Why partner with Apptigent?

  • Robust Value Proposition

    Harness the power of over 100 pre-built functions designed for seamless integration across platforms. These tools enhance Salesforce’s capabilities, supercharge Microsoft Power Automate, and maximize low-code workflows on any stack, creating a robust value proposition for your clients.

  • Optimized Efficiency and ROI

    Our tools are specifically developed to enhance your clients' investment in automation technologies, delivering unparalleled efficiency and significant cost savings. PowerSpark, for example, optimizes existing low code/no code environments to perform at their peak efficiency

  • Seamless Integration

    Empower your clients with plug-and-play data connectivity across different platforms. CloudTools facilitates an integrated data experience that supports strategic decision-making and advanced business intelligence.

  • Tailed Solutions for Diverse Needs

    With our deep expertise in custom connector development, we can tailor solutions to meet the specific requirements of your clients, enhancing their automation capabilities and overall system functionality.

  • Strategic Collaborative Growth

    As a part of our partner ecosystem, you gain access to our comprehensive sales support, collaborative marketing, and technology sharing initiatives. These resources are designed to promote mutual growth and place you at the forefront of innovation in automation.

Strategic Benefits of Partnering with Apptigent

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Broaden Your Service Offerings

Our advanced automation tools allow you to address a wider array of client requirements, enhancing your service offerings and positioning your business as a leader in innovative automation solutions.
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Generate New Revenue Opportunities

With Apptigent's competitive and advanced solutions, discover new revenue streams that enhance profitability and broaden your market reach
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Comprehensive Support

Receive in-depth training and consistent support from Apptigent, ensuring your team is well-prepared to deploy, manage, and optimize our advanced automation solutions.

Co-branded Initiatives

Benefit from our co-branded marketing and strategic sales efforts that not only enhance your visibility in the market but also drive significant sales and customer engagement.

We Are Invested In Your Success

The market demand for sophisticated and adaptable automation tools is surging. Apptigent is actively seeking dynamic VARs who are prepared to harness this potential and deliver exceptional value. By partnering with us, you position your business at the cutting edge of automation technology, equipped to meet the expansive needs of modern enterprises.

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