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From global currency conversion to complex mathematical operations, AI-driven text translation to data conversion, and a host of other essential actions, the Power Tools suite makes it easy to build advanced applications without a single line of code.

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Power Platform
CollectionsAdd to Collection
Add one or more items to an array

CollectionsRemove from Collection
Remove one or more items from an array

CollectionsFilter Collection
Search array of strings based on keywords

CollectionsCount Collection
Count the number of items in an array

CollectionsSort Collection
Sort array of items in ascending or descending order

CollectionsSplit Collection
Split a single array into multiple arrays

CollectionsReplace Items
Replace matching items in array with new value

CollectionsContains String
Any item in array contains specified string

CollectionsContains Number
Any item in array contains specified number

CollectionsStarts with String
First item in array equals specified string

CollectionsEnds with String
Last item in array equals specified string

CollectionsConvert to JSON
Convert a collection to a named JSON object
CollectionsConvert to XML
Convert a collection to an XML object
CollectionsRemove duplicates
Remove duplicate items from a collection
CollectionsJoin Collection
Join an array of strings into a single string with optional separator
FinanceConvert Currency
Convert decimal value from source to target currency
FinanceFormat Currency
Prepend decimal value with currency symbol
FinanceStock Prices
Get current and historical stock price information
FinanceMarket Index
Get current and historical market index information
DateTimeFormat Date Time
Display date and time string in specified format

DateTimeWorld Time
Convert date and time value to specified time zone

DateTimeDate Information
Get information about a date, including day of year, day of week, week of year, seconds in day, minutes in day and ticks
MathCalculate Average
Compute average value from an array of numbers

MathCalculate Median
Compute median value from an array of numbers

MathCalculate Min/Max
Determine minimum or maximum value in an array of numbers

MathCalculate Sum
Compute sum from an array of numbers

MathCalculate Power
Compute result of a number raised to a specific value

MathCalculate Variance
Compute mean of the squares of the deviations from the arithmetic mean of an array of numbers
MathCalculate Addition
Calculate the sum of two numbers
MathCalculate Subtraction
Calculate the difference between two numbers
MathCalculate Multiplication
Calculate the product of two numbers
MathCalculate Division
Calculate the quotient of two numbers
MathCalculate Modulo
Calculate the remainder of dividing two numbers
MathCalculate Nth Root
Calculate the n-th root of a number
MathCalculate Square Root
Calculate the square root of a number
MathCalculate Logarithm
Calculate the logarithm of a number
MathCalculate Sine
Calculate the sine value of an angle
MathCalculate Cosine
Calculate the cosine value of an angle
MathRandom Number
Calculate a random number between specified minimum and maximum values

MathRound Number
Round a number to the specified number of decimal places

MathStandard Deviation
Calculate amount of variation in an array of numbers

MathConvert Angle
Convert value from one unit of angle measurement to another
MathConvert Area
Convert value from one unit of area measurement to another
MathConvert Duration
Convert value from one unit of time measurement to another
MathConvert Distance
Convert value from one unit of distance measurement to another
MathConvert Energy
Convert value from one unit of energy measurement to another
MathConvert Power
Convert value from one unit of power measurement to another
MathConvert Speed
Convert value from one unit of speed measurement to another
MathConvert Temperature
Convert value from one unit of temperature measurement to another
MathConvert Volume
Convert value from one unit of volume measurement to another
MathConvert Weight
Convert value from one unit of weight measurement to another
TextCompare Strings
Perform a comparison of two strings

TextContains String
Determine if a string contains another string

TextConvert Case
Convert string to upper, lower or title case

TextDecode String
Decode a string encoded with Base64 encoding

TextEncode String
Encode a string using Base64 encoding

TextGenerate GUID
Generate a globally unique identifier

TextGenerate Hash
Generate a hash value from a string
TextVerify Hash
Verify a hashed value against the original source string
TextGenerate Password
Create a strong password
TextJoin Strings
Join a collection of strings

TextRedact String
Redact a strng containing sensitive content

TextReplace String
Replace one value with another in a string

TextSplit String
Split a string based upon one or more characters

TextTrim String
Trim leading or trailing whitespace from a string

TextURL Decode
Decode an encoded URL

TextURL Encode
Encode a URL

TextShorten Link
Generate a simple, short URL from a complex URL
TextTranslate String
Translate a string into a different language
TextText to Speech
Convert plain text or SSML into speech
TextSpeech to Text
Convert audio file to text
TextSpeech to Text V2
Convert audio file to text with optional timestamps (1MB compressed, 10MB uncompressed limit)
TextValidate Email
Determine if an email address is valid
TextString to File
Convert text string to file
TextParse String
Extract values from a string of text using Regular Expressions
TextModerate Content (Beta)
Scan text for eplicit, suggestive or obscene content (English only)
TextDetect Personal Data (Beta)
Detect personal information (PII) in text (1024 char max)
TextAuto Correct (Beta)
Automatically correct text (1024 char max)
Convert a JSON array to an HTML table
Convert a JSON array to CSV string
Convert a JSON object to an XML string
Convert a CSV string to a JSON array
Convert an XML string to a JSON object
Convert an XML string to a JSON object
DataQuery JSON
Query a JSON object using a JSONPath expression
DataQuery XML
Query an XML string using an XPath expression
DataFilter CSV
Filter a comma-delimited string using field names and/or regular expresions
DataValidate JSON
Determine if a JSON string represents a valid data object
DataFormat JSON
Format a string of JSON data
DataCSV to XML
Convert a CSV string to an XML string
FilesConvert Image
Convert an image to a different format - PNG, GIF, JPG or BMP
FilesResize Image
Resize an image using a variety of resampling algorithms
FilesRotate Image
Rotate an image by specified number of degrees
FilesFlip Image
Flip an image (horizontal or vertical)
FilesWatermark Image
Add watermark text to an image
FilesCrop Image
Crop an image
FilesImage Metadata
Retrieve EXIF metadata from an image
FilesGenerate QR Code
Generate a QR code image
FilesFile to String
Convert a file to a Base64 string
FilesComposite Image
Insert a foreground image in front of a background image
FilesImage Moderation (Beta)
Scan image for adult or obscene content
FilesReduce Image Quality
Reduce the quality of an image to produce a smaller file size
FilesRemove Image Metadata
Remove the EXIF and IPTC profile data from an image
FilesCompress File
Compress a file (20MB max)
WeatherWeather Conditions
Get current weather conditions near an address or location
WeatherDaily Forecast
Get daily weather forecast near an address or location
WeatherHourly Forecast
Get hourly weather forecast near an address or location
WeatherActivity Forecast
Get current weather-related activity forecast near an address or location
MapsIP Location
Find the physical location of an IP address
MapsMap Coordinates
Retrieve the approximate latitude/longitude matching a full or partial address
MapsMap Image
Generate a map image from an address
MapsMap Timezone
Get local timezone information for an address or location

No Platform? No Problem.

Don’t use a supported cloud platform? Not to worry. Our API’s work with any framework that supports the OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger) specification for RESTful connectors. Using a legacy on-premises solution? Building a .NET MVC web site or a fancy mobile app using the latest JavaScript framework? We can help you get more done, faster, and with less code, by providing a rich set of web service endpoints you can leverage instead of burning sprint time building it all yourself.  

Want to know more? Our API’s are fully documented and testable right on our developer portal. You can even generate client code for multiple frameworks, including Ruby, Python, C#, Node, Swift, Java and more. Just click the button below to check them out, then create an app, subscribe to the Developer Edition Sandbox plan and start integrating in minutes.