The fastest, most effective way to achieve maximum ROI from your low code/no code automation tools in Salesforce.

Promise vs. Reality

Automation tools are big on promises – lower costs, reduce risks, simplified operations, superior quality, improved predictability, enhanced consistency – the list goes on. But the reality is that achieving those results requires a tremendous amount of education, training, prototyping, development, testing, iteration, maintenance and plain old hard work. 

Let’s face it – “low code” has really come to mean “expensive platform expertise” and “you can only do simple things without a developer”. Even worse, nobody tells you how to get started, where to focus your efforts, what to automate first, or how to create an automation roadmap. It can quickly become complex, costly, and confusing. 

Not exactly what you thought you were signing up for.


What are we automating and why? What will it achieve and when? How will we measure success?


Who is directing the overall strategy? Do we even have one? Where is the plan? Has anyone seen it?


Are users self-sufficient with current tools? Is adoption widespread and organic?


Are we achieving optimal value for effort? How do we know? What metrics are we tracking?

Unanswered Questions

Lack of vision and clarity lead to confusion, stalling automation efforts and crippling adoption. Consultants can get your Salesforce org up and running but they can’t tell you what to automate, when, or why. That’s up to you, the customer, to figure out on your own. 

Of course, every business is different and each process unique. What works in another industry may not work in yours. Common best practices are a good start but what you really need is a solid plan, tailored to your individual business, and a forward-looking roadmap that defines which process automation activities can deliver the best bottom-line results in the shortest period of time.

You need a process automation vision. And you need a working solution. Fast. 

Introducing PowerSpark for Salesforce

The fastest way to achieve ROI with low code/no code automation tools

With nearly 30 years of experience implementing process automation solutions across a wide range of industries, we’ve pretty much seen it all. And the one common thread that we’ve identified from hundreds of customer engagements, the one thing that most often prevents automation from truly taking hold and transforming the business is this:

Lack of a strategic automation vision

Most organizations think of automation as a tactical solution to a specific set of problems. So they invest in tools to solve that problem – which is a good start – but they fail to address the bigger questions, namely: how can automation make us leaner, more competitive, more innovative? The real question isn’t “how do we automate this problem away” but rather “how can we leverage automation to create a strategic advantage”?

We can help!

We designed PowerSpark to answer these questions and get you started on the  path towards strategic business automation in Salesforce. A unique combination of coaching, guidance, tools, resources, and support, PowerSpark provides a complete end-to-end solution for transforming your automation efforts into a strategic initiative that delivers measurable bottom-line results within a few short weeks. But that’s not the end, far from it – we support you throughout your journey with bi-annual checkups, coaching sessions, workshops, webinars, and other learning opportunities to ensure your automation initiatives continue to pay dividends.   

What is PowerSpark?

With PowerSpark, our process automation experts will help you craft a strategic vision for implementing automation solutions across the entire enterprise. We’ll craft a custom implementation plan, identify the critical processes that can deliver the most immediate bottom-line value, and leverage our extensive library of solutions across multiple platforms to rapidly accelerate time-to-delivery for your critical processes. 

What Are the Advantages?


Fast, focused, and effective. Hands-on guidance. Long-term support.


Affordable, flexible and scalable. No surprises or hidden costs.


Solutions that integrate directly with your Salesforce instance.


Leverage our knowledge and experience to gain a competitive advantage.

What Are the Benefits?


Unlock employee potential by automating time consuming, manual, repetitive, and complex processes


Leverage accelerators to automate sales pipelines, eliminate operational bottlenecks, and shorten time-to-market


Deploy processes faster with assistance from our experienced team of business automation specialists


Achieve key performance metrics with focused automation deliverables,  expert guidance and ongoing support

What Platforms Are Supported?

A critical component of achieving widespread process automation adoption is making the tools easy to use and flexible enough to fit every business situation. PowerSpark includes unlimited use of our PowerTools and CloudTools automation plugins, designed to make even the most complex automation tasks drag-and-drop simple. We have built-in support Salesforce Flow and Process Builder via our certified AppExchange solutions, along with common automation platforms like Microsoft Power Platform, Nintex, Zapier, IBM, BPM, and more, along with custom applications built on any modern development stack. 


When Will We See Results?

Strategic planning is good. Strategic execution is even better. That’s why we get in, roll up our sleeves, and help you get your first critical automations up and running quickly. We’ve built thousands of worfklows over the years touching every part of the business from operations to sales, finance, legal, HR, IT, and everything in between. We’ll leverage our deep automation expertise, library of pre-built components, templates, plugins and other resources to help you achieve maximum results with minimal effort. 


Risk controls, expense reporting, vendor management


Prospect qualification, opportunity management, lead conversion


Brand management, campaign execution. lead generation


Facility management, inventory controls, safety and environmental


Contract management, electronic discovery, copyright protection

Human Resources

Onboarding, training, retention, compliance, reporting

With PowerSpark, you get everything necessary to jump start your Salesforce automation efforts. It all begins with an interactive workshop in which we identify critical processes, design an automation solution, and create an implementation roadmap. We then work with your technical teams to implement the necessary tools and extensions. We then go to work building the pilot solution and implementing it in your Salesforce org, followed by a demonstration to stakeholders, collection of feedback, and full documentation.

Unlike traditional consultants, we don’t walk away when the work is done – we follow up with you at regular intervals to see how you are progressing along the roadmap and re-engage to make any adjustments or improvements. You have an open line of communication with us for guidance, assistance, and technical support. Our Solution-As-A-Service model means we are vested in your success, both now and in the future. Like a true partner should be.


We work closely with stakeholders to design effective solutions, craft realistic goals, and provide expert guidance.


We help you implement best-of-breed solutions that meet your unique automation requirements.


We provide experienced personnel with decades of automation experience to deliver the ideal solution.

Get Started

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