Financial professionals using Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce, Nintex and other specialist workflow platforms can utilise features within PowerTools to build transformative workflows that directly improve the way they work.

Whether it is creating more efficient ways to generate expense reports, perform advanced calculations or automatically convert files into more universal formats, there is a function in PowerTools that can help you work smarter and re-focus on value-adding activity.

Here are just a few examples of how PowerTools can be used by company finance professionals.

Expense reports

Let’s face it – nobody enjoys filling out, submitting, tracking and routing expense reports. And while useful solutions can natively be built within most workflow automation platforms – they are not easy to build and many of them still lack crucial functionality.

PowerTools has been designed to close that gap. It effortlessly adds pre-built functionality like currency conversion, advanced calculation, text manipulation and data formatting to your workflow capability.

These functions are added to your workflows or apps with a simple drag, drop, and configure process builder. No messy syntax, complicated formulas or specialist coding experience needed.

Accounts receivable

Getting paid on time often involves sending multiple copies of invoices, calculating prices in foreign currencies, tracking due dates, following up with customers, and managing collections. It’s a cluster of easily forgotten processes to keep on top of.

PowerTools features a range of pre-built functions that you can deploy in workflows or apps to make the process of accounts receivable more efficient.

Build your own solutions for task reminders, automatic currency conversion, date/time comparisons, text extraction from emails, on-the-fly language translation and much, much more…

Accounts payable

Onboarding, managing and paying vendors can be a complex process, with multiple dependencies on both internal and external systems. 

PowerTools can help you streamline vendor setup, invoice submission, and payment with advanced features for converting and formatting currencies, extracting data from strings of text, performing mathematical calculations, validating email addresses, generating QR codes and more.