HR personnel using Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce, Nintex and other specialist automation platforms can utilise the pre-built functions within PowerTools to build transformative workflows, apps and forms that directly improve the way they work.

Whether it is creating faster ways to onboard new starters, translate documents for foreign-speakers or automatically convert files into more universal formats, there is a function in PowerTools that can automate a manual task and help you focus on value-adding activity.

Here are just a few examples of how PowerTools can boost productivity in Human Resources departments.

Employee Onboarding

PowerTools contains a number of workflow enhancement functions to make employee onboarding easy. Whether it is to help generate and complete new starter tax forms, benefits applications, or software licenses – onboarding can streamlined with PowerTools’ help, especially for multi-national corporations with an ever-increasing home-based workforce. 

Enhance your automated workflows with time-saving features like document language translation, date and time localization, strong password generation and form submission verification. Access the functionality that makes employee onboarding a breeze.

Leave requests

Managing employee leave requests often involves a great deal of manual effort to check allowable holidays, calculate remaining paid time off, compare against other requests for similar dates, and route for approvals. 

Save valuable time with PowerTools. Automatically convert, merge, sort or query data from multiple backend systems, compare regional or global date/time entries and perform advanced calculations.

Make the process quick and effortless.

Payroll processing

Running payroll involves a lot of complex calculations, from consolidating time sheet entries to calculating taxes. These tasks are often performed in isolated systems that must be brought together into a single automated process. 

Utilise PowerTools to easily embed advanced logic with your payroll workflows. Perform actions like advanced calculation, date/time comparisons and currency formatting with minimal effort.