Sales and marketing professionals using Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce, Nintex and other specialist workflow platforms can utilise PowerTools to create flows, apps or forms that automate previously manual tasks.

There are over 90 pre-built functions that can be utilised to valuable effect – and require absolutely no experience of coding.

All you need is an idea of how to automate an existing task and PowerTools likely has a function to help you do it.

Contract creation

Making the sale is hard enough – executing a sales order shouldn’t be. 

Make time-consuming tasks like foreign currency conversion, language translation, QR code generation, email validation, date/time formatting and price quotation simple and easy. 

Add the PowerTools plugin to platform and start building flows and apps that streamline your job – freeing up your time to build stronger client or customer relations.

Customer surveys

Collecting feedback from customers can be a valuable source of market intelligence. But let’s face it – nobody really enjoys analyzing survey responses. 

Take the pain out of the process by leveraging some of the advanced data functions in PowerTools.  Transform arrays and collections into usable data structures, convert one data type into another, perform statistical calculations and query result sets – all with flows and apps you can build yourself in minutes.

Request for quotation

The easier it is for customers to get accurate pricing, the quicker they will buy. 

Simplify the quotation process with PowerTools. Build flows that automatically calculate pricing in the customer’s native currency, translate proposal text in different languages on the fly, generate clickable QR codes, create location maps or automatically shorten hyperlinks…plus a whole lot more!