PowerTools for Salesforce

PowerTools for Salesforce receives a major update this quarter, with thirty new actions and three additional categories (Files, Weather, and Maps), including strong password generation, text moderation, PII detection, image manipulation (crop, resize, rotate, flip, composite, watermark, convert), QR code generation, location images, current weather conditions, IP address location, hourly weather forecast, and more!  See the feature table below for complete details and be sure to check out the updated AppExchange listing.

 General Availability: 01.01.2023

CollectionsRemove duplicates
Remove duplicate items from a collection
DataFilter CSV
Filter a comma-delimited string using field names and/or regular expresions
Validate JSON
Determine if a JSON string represents a valid data object
Format JSON
Format a string of JSON data
Convert a CSV string to an XML string
TextGenerate Password
Create a strong password
Parse String
Extract values from a string of text using Regular Expressions
Moderate Content (Beta)
Scan text for eplicit, suggestive or obscene content (English only)
Detect Personal Data (Beta)
Detect personal information (PII) in text (1024 char max)
Auto Correct (Beta)
Automatically correct text (1024 char max)
FilesComposite Image
Insert a foreground image in front of a background image
Image Moderation (Beta)
Scan image for adult or obscene content
Compress File
Compress a file (20MB max)
Convert Image
Convert an image to a different format - PNG, GIF, JPG or BMP
Resize Image
Resize an image using a variety of resampling algorithms
Rotate Image
Rotate an image by specified number of degrees
Flip Image
Flip an image (horizontal or vertical)
Watermark Image
Add watermark text to an image
Crop Image
Crop an image
Image Metadata
Retrieve EXIF metadata from an image
Generate QR Code
Generate a QR code image
WeatherWeather Conditions
Get current weather conditions near an address or location
Daily Forecast
Get daily weather forecast near an address or location
Hourly Forecast
Get hourly weather forecast near an address or location
Activity Forecast
Get current weather-related activity forecast near an address or location
MapsIP Location
Find the physical location of an IP address
Map Coordinates
Retrieve the approximate latitude/longitude matching a full or partial address
Map Image
Generate a map image from an address
Map Timezone
Get local timezone information for an address or location