Introducing PowerSpark

The fastest way to achieve ROI with low code/no code automation tools

Automation platforms, especially the “low code/no code” variety, are big on promises – lower costs, reduce risks, simplified operations, superior quality, improved predictability, enhanced consistency, and so on. But the reality is that achieving those results requires a tremendous amount of education, training, prototyping, development, testing, iteration, maintenance and plain old hard work.

The phrase “low code” has really come to mean “expensive platform expertise” and “you can only do simple things without a developer”. Even worse, nobody tells you how to get started, where to focus your efforts, what to automate first, or how to create an automation roadmap. It can quickly become complex, costly, and confusing.

We can help!

With PowerSpark, our process automation experts will help you craft a strategic vision for implementing automation solutions across the entire enterprise using the tools you already own. We’ll craft a custom implementation plan, identify the critical processes that can deliver the most immediate bottom-line value, and leverage our extensive library of solutions across multiple platforms to rapidly accelerate time-to-delivery for your critical automation targets.

PowerSpark is fast, focused, and effective. It’s also affordable, with no surprises or hidden costs. We help you make the most of your existing automation investments with essential plugins, extensions, templates, and pre-built solutions for multiple platforms, including Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce, Zapier, IBM BPM and more. You will receive a customized automation plan along with expert coaching and guidance designed to ensure your long-term success. 

Maximum results. Minimal effort. Exactly what you’ve been looking for! Turn process automation into a competitive advantage with PowerSpark from Apptigent.


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