Product Updates

New actions including Reduce Image Quality, Remove Image Metadata, Join Collection, and Speech to Text V2 are available for PowerTools Professional, Enterprise, Developer, and Nintex. Note that the V2 action for Speech to Text adds an option to generate timestamps in the resulting output text but does not change the core behavior of the action (a second version is required for platforms like Power Automate that don’t allow modification of existing output schemas). 

General Availability: 01 July 2023

CollectionsJoin Collection
Join an array of strings into a single string with optional separator
TextSpeech to Text V2
Convert audio file to text with optional timestamps (1MB compressed, 10MB uncompressed limit)
FilesReduce Image Quality
Reduce the quality of an image to produce a smaller file size
Remove Image Metadata
Remove the EXIF and IPTC profile data from an image

New Releases

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