PowerTools for Salesforce 1.1.0

PowerTools for Salesforce  receives a major update this month, with twenty essential new actions, including speech to text, QR code generation, string to file, stock market quotes, and more!  See the feature table below for complete details.

 General Availability: 01.06.2021

FinanceStock Prices
Get current and historical stock price
Market Index
Get current and historical market index information
MathCalculate Addition
Calculate the sum of two numbers
Calculate Subtraction
Calculate the difference between two numbers
Calculate Multiplication
Calculate the product of two numbers
Calculate Division
Calculate the quotient of two numbers
Calculate Modulo
Calculate the remainder of dividing two numbers
Calculate Nth Root
Calculate the n-th root of a number
Calculate Square Root
Calculate the square root of a number
Calculate Logarithm
Calculate the logarithm of a number
Calculate Sine
Calculate the sine value of an angle
Calculate Cosine
Calculate the cosine value of an angle
TextGenerate Hash
Generate a hash value from a string
Verify Hash
Verify a hashed value against the original source string
Speech to Text
Convert audio file to text
String to File
Convert text string to file
DataQuery JSON
Query a JSON object using a JSONPath expression
Query XML
Query an XML string using an XPath expression
FilesGenerate QR Code
Generate a QR code image
File to String
Convert a file to a Base64 string

New Subscription Plans


You asked, we delivered! A number of customers have requested an entry-level pricing tier in our Professional plans for infrequent or low-volume usage. We are pleased to announce that our Power Platform, Nintex, IBM and Developer products now offer a basic subscription level that includes 50 action calls per day.

But wait – it gets better! Not only does the basic subscription include the same level of functionality, support, and service as the larger plans, but you can get it for a limited time at 25% off the regular price. Sign up or switch now and get the basic plan for only $19 per month.

In addition, we have also made some changes to our trial offerings. Each product mentioned above, along with PowerTools for Salesforce, now also includes a completely free, 100% functional TRIAL plan that provides up to 500 action calls to help you discover how PowerTools can save you time and money. 

Get started today by visiting our customer portal at https://portal.apptigent.com

 General Availability: 01.06.2021