Our API’s use a method knows as “rate limiting” to prevent DDoS and other malicious attacks from overwhelming our servers. Each plan allows a fixed number of requests for a given subscription in a single month-long period or, in the case of our trial plans, a fixed total number of requests over the lifetime of the subscription. Every time a defined API action is executed, such as translating a string or formatting a date, that counts as a single API call agains the subscription allocation. If a workflow, form or view as multiple actions, then the action count is cumulative for each form submission or workflow execution (note that failed actions do not count towards the total).

For example, if a Power Automate flow has a Power Tools Convert Currency action followed by a Power Tools Format Currency, then each time that flow is executed two API calls would be recorded and applied to the daily total. Once the total is reached, subsequent calls will return limit exceeded errors until the 24 hour period from first execution expires. Similarly, if a Logic Apps form has a button that converts area from acres to hectares using the Power Tools Convert Area action, each time the button is clicked the daily total will be incremented by one until the limit is reached.

To facilitate situations where utlisation is elastic or periods of significant spikes are expected (such as during peak holiday shopping times or end of month processing), contact Sales about switching to an Unlimited plan. An account specialist will review your situation and craft a bespoke plan that meets your requirements in the most affordable manner. Alternatively, upgrade via the customer portal to a plan with higher limits for one or more billing cycles then downgrade to a lower plan when utlisation returns to normal.