Apptigent PowerTools

Has your organization adopted cloud technologies in an effort to automate business processes, streamline operations, reduce costs and boost productivity? 

Has the business attempted to create their own apps, forms and workflows only to encounter roadblocks in the form of expensive, often confusing, licensing requirements, missing features, or the need to learn complex syntax and expressions to accomplish basic tasks?

We understand. Apptigent was founded by a team of experienced IT professionals with a mission of helping organizations like yours achieve digital transformation through adoption of cloud technologies. We’ve developed products that help users learn new skills through on-demand video training, solve tricky computer problems with a few mouse clicks, and automate complex manual processes for educational institutions. We’ve trained thousands of developers around the world on how to create modern, distributed, and secure cloud applications. We’ve seen a lot of successes but we’ve also witnessed quite a few failures, too. 

One major problem we keep witnessing is the promise of the cloud versus reality for the average user. It seems simple – give the business a new productivity tool, instruct them to watch a few tutorials, and send them down the path to success. Except it rarely ever works out that way. The tools look good at first but lack advanced functionality to solve real-world business problems, requiring expensive add-ons,  professional services or, worst of all, custom code. Sometimes, the functionality exists but is locked away behind a maze of licensing restrictions or requires such a deep level of knowledge that only a programmer can figure it out.

That’s not what you signed on for. And it definitely wasn’t part of your implementation strategy. We feel your pain. And that’s why we developed PowerTools – a suite of essential utilities for everyday business productivity. 

PowerTools plugs right into the platform(s) you are already using – Power Automate, Logic Apps, Salesforce, Nintex, Appian, K2 and more – adding advanced capabilities that business users can take advantage of right away, without needing to learn new skills, acquire licenses or involve the IT department. Best of all, our Community Edition is completely free, enabling you to immediately increase productivity without any investment whatsoever.

To learn more about PowerTools and see it in action, watch this quick introductory video:

Want to know what else it can do? Head over to our features page for a complete list of capabilities. If you’re ready to get started, you can create an account in our customer portal and take it for a test drive.  

Note to developers: we haven’t forgotten about you, not by a long shot. PowerTools is completely JSON and REST-based, with a scalable set of endpoints you can leverage in your own apps, from ASP.NET MVC to Angular, Knockout, React or whatever framework suits you. There’s even a dedicated Developer Sandbox subscription, along with a downloadable Swagger (OpenAPI 2.0) definition, example inputs/outputs and an online testing harness. Let us help you supercharge your next amazing application!